Russia is the country of cold and snow winters.

No wonder that in our country winter sports, especially skiing and snowboarding are very popular in our country. The New ski resorts are built, the old ski resorts are modernized in different regions annually.

One of such resorts is "Bigwood". This resort is in Murmansk region, near Kirovsk.It has changed strongly for the last year.

The skiing complex "Bigwood" is...

  • More than 35 km of routes of 28 skiing routes of various complexity.
  • Modern high-speed elevators such as Bartholet, Tatrapoma and Doppelmayer
  • Service of instructors
  • Rent
  • Ski-service
  • Snowpark with elements of the fanzone and about - series.
  • 4 PistenBully 280, 300, 400 snow groomers
  • Educational slope
  • The lit routes
  • Cafe bar
  • Baggage storage Nursery
  • Capacious parking

We do everything that your rest on ski resort Bigwood was comfortable and left only pleasant impressions.